Pink Linings

Once you have chosen the fabric for your suit, jacket or coat, and decided on the basic styling features such as cut, pocket and lapel choice, you may want to spend time adding a few extra touches that make the suit individual, and very often this is where the fun starts!

Along with a vast selection of fabric we have a huge choice of linings, plain or patterned , subtle or outrageous, coloured Melton under collars, piping ,binding, satin lapels and  velvet collars. We also offer a range of buttons and other trimmings and finishing, that will help you to personalise your suit, and of course we will happily embroider your initials onto the lining.

Our prices range from around £425 to £795 for a two piece suit, £350 for a jacket and £450 for an overcoat.

We take around 6 weeks to complete your order, but can also provide for a small extra charge, an express service, with a guaranteed turnaround of 20 working days, however during our busiest periods, times may vary.

There are so many ways to customise your suit…