How do I go about ordering a suit?

Well, first thing is to do is give us a ring on (0161) 231 3231 or email for an appointment, we are open Monday, Thursday – Saturday 9.30- 16:00. Please contact us for alternative availability.

How long does the ordering process take?

That is entirely up to you. If you know what sort of cloth, style and fit you want it can be less than half an hour to choose any options and be measured.

When will my suit be ready?

About 6 weeks from ordering we will call you for a fitting.

Where are your suits made?

The pattern and cloth are then sent to an English owned and managed factory in Europe, where your suit is cut and made up. That way we manage to keep our costs down.

It is then returned to us 6 weeks later, when you will have your fitting. If there are any adjustments, they are made in our sewing room by our own fully experienced tailor, usually within the week.

Can I use my own cloth?

Yes, we offer a full CMT service (That’s cut, make and trim for the uninitiated!)

Can you copy a suit from a photo?

Yes we can ,but we cannot guarantee you’ll be mistaken for David Beckham, if you are more of a Woody Allen!

Do you keep my measurements for next time?

Providing you watch the old waistline we can use previous patterns and send fabric samples to you, if you want to reorder by phone or email.

I've put on / lost weight and my suit doesn't fit me anymore, what can you do?

All good made to measure suits have allowances in the seams, so that extra size can be gained if needed. Reducing size is easy too.